Ms. Janis Music Club

Virtual Camp

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the classes?

This is a virtual class, so all classes are from the comfort and safety of your home. I recommend that you have a space set up for your child that has space for them to move around and a place to sit comfortably as well. If you can connect your laptop to the tv, that is even better. However, tablets and laptops/computers are fine.

When are the classes?

Classes start June 1st and run until July 31st on Mondays. Wednesdays, and Fridays. See the calendar for details.

How are the classes delivered?

The classes will be held on zoom or google classroom. This will be finalized in the next two weeks. Classes are limited to a small class size ranging from 5-7 students. Families that prepay for a week of classes are guaranteed a spot. Drop-ins are welcome but spots are limited.

How much are the classes?

·        If you prepay for a week, the price is $150/week. There are 12 classes in a week so that breaks down to $12.50 a class.

·        The drop-in rate is $20 for those that would like to pick and choose what classes they attend throughout the summer. That's right, you can pick and choose as you go. We are happy to have you as long as there is room for you in the class. 

How does dropping in work?

If you would like to drop in, you will need to email or text Ms. Janis the morning of the day that class is taking place. Please email or text before 10am EDT to get a speedy response. If a spot is available, I will send you a payment request for the $20 drop in fee for the one class you want to attend that day or the subsequent amount of classes depending on how many classes you would like to attend that day (2 classes = $40, 3 classes = $60, 4 classes = $80) and then send you a private link to join the class.

What if I prepay for a week and miss a class?

You can make up a week or 12 classes. If you miss the final week in the summer, a full refund will be given for the one week that you missed.

How do I sign up?

Fill out the registration form and return it to Ms. Janis. Ms. Janis will request payment before the first week of class. Your class links will be emailed to you prior to the class starting.

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Description of Classes

Circle Time

Days of the week, months of the year, letter of the week, number of the week, and shape of the week are some of the things that will be talked about and sung about during our morning circle time routine. We will talk about the theme of the week and read a story. Our morning routine includes lots of movement and singing.


During this class, we will focus on numbers. We will be working on number recognition, one to one correspondence, adding, subtracting, and word problems. Movement and music are included in this class as well.

Story Time

This class is focused on literacy. We will explore letters and the sounds that they make. We will read and build our comprehension skills as we answer questions about what we read. We will also work on sight words.


This class is more of an award than anything! The awesome thing about camps are that you make fun memories that you will never forget. This class is focused on using our imaginations and increasing our vocabulary. During this class, Ms. Janis will have her puppets out. Your children are encouraged to bring their stuffed animals or puppets to interact with Ms. Janis as they act and play.


Register for Summer Camp


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