Plant a Seed Animation Video

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Plant a Seed is one of my favorite songs that I have written. The thing I love most about the song is the piano. Kelvin Ward is playing the piano in this song. He is amazing.

This song is perfect for supplementing your planting and growing themed lessons. When I taught Ms. Janis Music classes in person in NY for over 10 years, I would have the children pretend to be seeds and grow slowly with the song. It was always fun to watch how slowly they would move their bodies and at the end of the song I would ask them what kind of tree, flower, fruit or vegetable they had grown. The answers would always be entertaining. If it was a fruit or vegetable they had grown, I would pretend to eat them up and we would have a laugh.

I am so excited to share this animation video of the song, Plant a Seed. The animation was created by a graphic artist that can be found on instagram @boat.atta

Always, if you feel as if this could be of value to someone, please share. I'd also love to hear your comments.

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