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Bring Music 4 Me to your school and make this program an integral part of your preschool or daycare. Music 4 Me is a music program, featuring award winning original soundtracks. Throughout this program children are taught about the world around them by using engaging musical selections and creative movement. The program is based on music through movement, which means fully captivated, happy, and active participants.


We bring all of this, plus our love of music and our enthusiasm, right to your school for weekly, biweekly, or monthly programs. Have a Music 4 Me guitar player or specialist visit your school today.


Topic Discovery

Music for Me was written with your child in mind. Preschool-aged children are very curious and want to know about the world around them. They are inquisitive and soak in information at a very high speed! There are several topics embedded in the Music for Me program. Here are just a few:

  • science and the environment

  • community and social behavior

  • awareness of cultures and subcultures

  • technology and the advancement of society

  • creative expression through dance


Skill Development

The Music for Me program is designed with your child’s developmental needs in mind. Drawing from a professionally-written curriculum, a variety of skills have been incorporated into the various activities: 

  • fine and gross motor skills

  • listening skills

  • socialization skills

  • awareness of self and surroundings

  • communication skills

  • social interaction and cooperation skills

  • development of self-confidence

  • appreciation of movement, music, and rhythm

  • emerging literacy skills



Here’s What You Get:

  • 30 minute sessions in each classroom, based on high-interest topics and lessons focused on social skill development.

  • Instruments and props for children to use which means tons of engaging fun and lots of smiles!

  • Music 4 Me CD's for each classroom teacher to have for her own classroom.

  • Music 4 Me coloring sheets for children to take home and share with their families.

  • A trained substitute, if one should ever be needed. (We’ve got you covered.)



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