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Mindful Music and Movement with Ms. Janis Logo

Wellness Music Created for young children by Grammy® Nominated Children's Music Artist, Ms. Janis

Ms. Janis McDavid

Ms. Janis Music on The Grammy red carpet

Ms. Janis Music is a dynamic and innovative music and movement company that has been spreading joy and inspiration through music for over a decade. Founded by Janis Dionne McDavid, a passionate educator and artist, the company started its journey in the bustling city of New York where it quickly gained recognition for its exceptional music classes and unforgettable performances.


Initially, Ms. Janis Music focused on contracting with schools, organizing playgroup classes for toddlers, and enchanting children at birthday parties and events. Janis's dedication to fostering creativity and a love for music led her to produce two successful children's albums during this time.


In 2017, a new chapter began as Janis temporarily paused her business to support her husband's career and relocated to Florida. However, the spirit of Ms. Janis Music couldn't be contained, and Janis gradually resumed teaching online music and movement classes during the challenging times of the Covid pandemic.


The turning point arrived in 2021 when one of Janis's original songs was featured on a Grammy-nominated album, cementing her reputation as a talented songwriter and producer. Empowered by this recognition, Ms. Janis Music underwent a transformation to meet the evolving needs of children facing trauma and adversity.


Today, Ms. Janis Music operates with a wellness lens, incorporating mindfulness and resilience into every aspect of its offerings. Through captivating music and movement experiences, Ms. Janis aims to provide children with the tools to navigate challenges such as school shootings, Covid-related stress, bullying, and loss. The company's repertoire now includes wellbeing-focused songs, classes, and performances centered around breathing, yoga, cooperation, community, and respect.


Looking ahead, Ms. Janis Music envisions expanding its reach by introducing yoga cards, conducting workshops, and even exploring the possibility of a TV show. With a steadfast commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of children, Ms. Janis Music continues to inspire and uplift young hearts, both in the United States and beyond.

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