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Wellness Classes Created for young children by Grammy® Nominated Children's Music Artist, Ms. Janis

Ms. Janis McDavid

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Singer, songwriter, and all-around visionary Ms. Janis is a Grammy® nominated artist along with 23 other artists that make up 1 Tribe Collective. 1 Tribe Collective released their Grammy Nominated album, All One Tribe on Juneteenth of 2021 and it was distributed by Tuff Gong International. 

Ms. Janis is a free spirit from Greenville, SC that has performed internationally. Ms. Janis' humble beginnings in SC have been a staple throughout her music career. As a young girl, she would often frequent her grandparents’ farm in Belton where she would regularly attend church. As southern culture dictates, she was a regular part of plays and choir. As life went on, she would eventually branch out to musicals at the local Children’s Theatre and eventually the Fine Arts Center.
The budding young star would often put on plays for her parents in their basement with her brother and sister. Her family would help to cultivate her refined taste in music. Between her father’s interest in 60's and 70’s soul, and her brother’s love of reggae, Ms. Janis has become a connoisseur of reggae and soul, which is the theme of her upcoming freshman album as a non-family music artist, Reggae Soul. Reggae Soul is a flawless blend of her Caribbean and Soul influences.

Ms. Janis touts a BFA in Theatre Arts from Howard University, where she met her cousin Chadwick Boseman. While at Howard she was a recipient of the Allen Scholarship. She also has an MFA in Theatre Arts from Rutgers University, where she met her first songwriting partner, Jamie Jackson of Hot as Sun. After grad school, she and Jamie recorded their first EP together at Electric Lady Studios in NYC. After their partnership dissolved, Ms. Janis started creating Ms. Janis Music. In 2017, Ms. Janis received her Masters degree in Education from Pace University in New York City. 

Ms. Janis Music has evolved through the years. What once was a music and movement company based primarily in mommy and me play groups, birthday parties, and in-school classes is now a mindful music and movement program. With this newly formed mindful music and movement program, Ms. Janis can help thousands of children around the world both in person and online by giving them tools to use to help cope in this ever-challenging world. 

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