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Wellness Music Created for young children by Grammy® Nominated Children's Music Artist, Ms. Janis

Ms. Janis Music in NY Times

"Poignant "Say Their Names" is an album highlight."

Ms. Janis Music in Palm Beach Post

"Grammy-nominated Gardens musician aims to touch kids' lives with her songs"

What a Wonderful Job
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Kids Yoga & Wellness Program

Wellness Rhythms with Ms. Janis

Ms. Janis Music

Welcome to Wellness Rhythms with Ms. Janis, where music and wellness come together in perfect harmony! Join Ms. Janis in her interactive and engaging program that introduces children to the world of wellness through original songs and yoga poses. With a focus on cooperation, listening, and social emotional skills, this 30-minute interactive program is ideal for libraries, festivals, conferences, private events, school functions, and more. Get ready to discover the power of wellness through music and movement with Ms. Janis and her Wellness Rhythms concerts!

Kids Yoga & Wellness Classes

Ms. Janis' Rhythmic Yoga Playtime

Ms. Janis Music Yoga

Welcome to Ms. Janis' Rhythmic Yoga Playtime: Embracing Joy, Well-being, and Original Wellness Music!


In this unique and exciting yoga class, we combine the power of music, movement, and mindfulness to create a fun and engaging experience for kids. Ms. Janis, with her 20 years of music and movement experience working with thousands of kids, has crafted a class that is sure to inspire and energize young minds.


Our classes begin by setting the mood with Ms. Janis' original yoga and wellness songs. These catchy tunes help to create a joyful and uplifting atmosphere, instantly capturing the attention and imagination of our young yogis.


We then dive into the world of yoga using specially designed yoga cards. Each card features a different pose, allowing children to explore their bodies and develop strength, flexibility, and balance. As we move through these poses, we incorporate the rhythm and flow of the music, making the practice an interactive and dynamic experience.


But it's not just about the physical aspect. We also focus on mindful breathing exercises, teaching children techniques to calm their minds and become more present in the moment. By combining movement with breath, we create a space for self-discovery and inner peace.


Unlocking the Power of Wellness: Enhancing Learning and Development in Children

Studies show that by incorporating wellness practices into children's lives, we can help them build a foundation of well-being and set them up for success in various aspects of life, including education and personal growth.

Improved Concentration and Academic Performance:

  • Wellness practices like yoga help children develop mindfulness and focus. This can lead to improved concentration and academic performance as they become better able to engage in their studies, retain information, and effectively manage stress.

Emotional Regulation and Social Skills Development:

  • Engaging in wellness practices allows children to develop emotional regulation skills, helping them understand and manage their own emotions. This can positively impact their relationships with others, fostering empathy, resilience, and effective communication skills.

Enhanced Physical and Mental Health:

  • Wellness practices promote physical movement, relaxation, and stress reduction in children. Regular practice can improve physical health, such as flexibility, strength, and overall fitness. Additionally, these practices provide a platform for self-care and self-reflection, supporting positive mental health outcomes for children.

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