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Wellness Fueled Learning:
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Ms. Janis Music

Experience the Magic of Kids Yoga Concerts with Ms. Janis

  • Grammy-nominated children's singer-songwriter

  • Certified yoga teacher 

  • BFA and MFA in Theatre Arts

  • MST graduate from prestigious Pace University in NYC



"Poignant "Say Their Names" is an album highlight."


Meet Ms. Janis

Discover the Magic of Ms. Janis

  • Over twenty years of experience in teaching music and movement to young children

  • Praised by The New York Times for the poignant album highlight, "Say Their Names"

  • Recognized by The Palm Beach Post as a Grammy-nominated Gardens musician dedicated to touching kids' lives through her heartfelt songs


"Grammy-nominated Gardens musician aims to touch kids' lives with her songs"

Children Meditating

Nurturing young minds and bodies through the power of yoga

Unveiling the incredible benefits of yoga

  • Physical Health

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Body Awareness

  • Concentration and Focus

Stefanie Z

Besides the magic you had over all the children, one of my boys has autism.  He rarely follows instructions and big parties usually send him into a corner where he plays quietly by himself. 

Right from the start he sat on the carpet and followed along to your program with such delight.  As I saw him dance with the scarves along with other children I started to cry. It was such a gift for me. 
And more importantly, he was so proud and happy to be part of things. Usually he can't keep up, even though he loves music.  He stayed with the program through most of it which is a miracle considering his focus issues. 

You really have a gift. And you gave me a big one yesterday. 
Children in Yoga Class

Integrating play and education

Discovering the perfect balance through harmonized fun and learning

  • Stress Reduction

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Focus and Concentration

  • Self-awareness and Mindfulness

Carol M

Ms. Janis is the best Children's entertainer I've ever encountered. All my guests complimented me on hiring her to perform for the kids! She was so interactive with the kids and the most valuable trait is that SHE herself was having fun with them!!!
School Kids Meditating

Fostering strong social connections and emotional intelligence

Building essential skills through positive interaction

  • Positive Relationships

  • Empathy and Understanding

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Resilience and Adaptability

Julie Z

My three-year-old son was dancing and moving the whole hour with all sorts of cool moves and we were all amazed given that he never went to any kind of classes. Kids and adults all had great fun.

Creating lasting memories that transcend age

Unforgettable Experiences for every generation

  • Unique Atmosphere

  • Community Bonding

  • Musical Journey

  • Mind-Body Connection

Madia L

“The kids LOVED every interactive minute!!!! This is the perfect entertainment for kids ranging from 1yr to 6yrs.”
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Watch Ms. Janis

Rachel B

“She has a real genuine style - teaching them fun songs and getting them all to jump, dance and twirl to music and a fun bubble machine to boot! She has the most warm and easy rapport with kids and they all loved her. We highly recommend her for any event with kids.”
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Listen to Ms. Janis

Kristin C

“She has such a way with children and her props and interactive songs were a perfect treat.”
Family Portrait

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Pamela C

“All the kids (of various ages) loved the show and the parents did as well.”
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